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  • 2A4F - 7.0L wet chem fire extinguisher

    2A4F - 7.0L wet chem fire extinguisher

    • $200.00

    7.0L wet chem fire extinguisher

    7 litre Wet Chemical fire extinguisher. Especially designed for fat and oil fires (Class F), Be-sure's 7.0 Litre Wet Chemical extinguisher uses saponification agents to quickly kill the fire and stop re-ignition. It is able to do this by forming a thick layer on the fat or oil, turning it into a soap like substance. This extinguisher is also suitable for Class A fires (wood and paper). Features include stainless steel handles, stainless steel cylinder, brass valve and a powder coated red finish.
    Approved to AS/NZS 1841.3

    Mass charged 12.5 kg Approx.

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